Amazing Facts About Digital Marketing That You Should Know In 2020

Digital Marketing is a medium through which you can promote your product and services online. It is also referred to as advertising that is delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

Internet having reached across 4.39 billion people around the globe, having a website to your business organization is a must. Digital marketing is something that makes it easier for you and your business in order to gain more traffic and also loyal customers.

Digital Marketing requires channels through which you can portray what your business stands for.  There is SEO(Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-per-click) and many more. Mastering how to work with the channels, you’ll be able to make a Digital Marketer.

Next up, let’s see what are the skills that you should definitely master to become a successful Digital Marketer.

Top skills you should master

Here a few skills that are a must when you talk about Digital Marketing.

Familiar with any of the digital marketing channels like SEO, PPC, Content, Email and Social media.

Data Analysis

Should be able to analyze the effectiveness of the efforts.

Know the basic operations of Excel.

Basic knowledge of WordPress.

Know the working of Google Analytics.

Basic design skills.

Sales skills.

Objective thinking.

Creative thinking.

Be tech-savvy.

Ability to adapt to any kind of environment.

These are a few notable skils that you must master to become an awesome Digital Marketer.h

Job role and scope

Jobs play an important role when you want to pursue a career in a specific domain. Digital Marketing is one such domain where you can find evergreen job roles. So what exactly is the scope for jobs in this field? Is it easy to get a job or does it require something special? Let’s have a look!

Roles and responsibilities

Create a marketing campaign on your own and get good leads.

Assist in the formulation of strategies in order to build a lasting digital connection with consumers.

Plan and monitor the ongoing progress on social media platforms.

Always be actively involved in SEO.

Create good content that is helpful for both customers as well as the business.

Analyze the insights of your website using Google Analytics.

Help maintain a good relationship with the customers.

Ability to be more creative and up to date with the latest technology trends.

2020 is here and like every year, this time too, I have some trends to share with you that’ll help you do your math for your business. From last year’s predictions, a lot of trends have come true, and I bet it’ll happen this year too! I extensively practice before suggesting those trends to you.

1. Whatsapp for Business and Whatsapp Chatbots:

Now that Facebook buys WhatsApp, you will see some exceptional features. The ‘WhatsApp Us’ button through platforms like FlockSend, APIWha, etc., will become one of the best options to grow your subscribers rapidly. Also, WhatsApp story Ad is all set to make waves.

2. Podcasts to Rock:

The US is on the go, and we for sure are going to get this one big time, like always. Podcasts have now become one of the most significant sources of content. While YouTube has substantial competition, Podcast has a lesser crowd which means you have good chances to grow. Also, voice-based search, voice-based devices, voice-based technology advancements will be the talk of the year.

3. LinkedIn Getting Organic:

2008 Facebook and 2019 LinkedIn are the same. LinkedIn is striving to bring its organic value pretty stronger. Posting a video, people liking it, their friends getting to know you, and connecting is all how this network works. LinkedIn allows innovative PDF-based scrolls, better reach for videos, ethical engagement. Overall it replicates a Facebook platform for professionals.

4. LinkedIn Ads Gets Cheaper:

The first thing that comes to mind while talking about LinkedIn ads is that they are expensive. But it is the best option when you want your ideas to reach changemakers and decision-makers. LinkedIn is where you can find all top-notch professionals and not on Instagram or Facebook. In 2019, I have tested the LinkedIn InMail Ads, and it’s given brilliant results. There are high chances that LinkedIn ads might get cheaper in 2020. So, start working on them now.

5. TikTok and Market:

Almost everyone is on TikTok. It’s one of the platforms that has overgrown in 2019. The challenges, ads, videos, etc. With so much entertainment, people have and are still taking it as an opportunity to showcase their talent. 2020 will see people adapting TikTok for education and information. It is also a known fact that the most rural segment of our country is also TikTok savvy.

6. It’ll be the Vernacular Way:

It’s been over a year since this prediction and this year, English will be overruled by vernacular languages. Thanks to TikTok. Now, all of the other platforms are trying to bring a good flavour of Hindi/Tamil and other languages to attract their viewers. While on YouTube vernacular language-based content will be most consumed in 2020, if brands don’t invest in Vernacular advertisements on Facebook, they will see their costs increasing! We have been creating Tamil ads, Hindi ads, Marathi ads and ads in different languages and the cost per lead are cheaper.

7. Stories and More Stories:

2020 is not going to be of the number of likes but instead, the content in your stories. YouTube Story, Instagram Story, Facebook Story and Whatsapp Story! Don’t be surprised if LinkedIn launches its version of the story too. Story ads are cheaper and dominating!

8. Instagram’s Organic Reach Will Improve:

Fearing TikTok’s success, you can expect Instagram to bring more organic reach than any other platform potentially. It’s time for you to connect and interact with your audience on a day-to-day basis.

9. Facebook Messenger & Whatsapp Sequence will Replace Emails:

Email Marketing is an expensive affair. To maintain a database is a challenge and most of the emails land up in Spam or updates box. Messenger and WhatsApp based database marketing are going to dominate in 2020. It’s cheap, crisp, one to one and very conversational.

10. Digital PR will Build Your SEO:

SEO being intricate helps a lot. It requires long-form content and excellent backlinks. Build the game of backlinks from Digital PR initiatives. Become a columnist in top blogs, journals, e-papers. This will make a lot of difference to your SEO.

Tip: Create a few masterpieces and get as many backlinks as possible, internally through other blogposts.

11. YouTube Ads to Become like Facebook Ads:

2020 will see a drastic push in YouTube subscriptions. This might or might not affect the viewers. YouTube channels are going to be a new fad. Focus on YouTube SEO this year – have an eye on the watch-time of the video than anything else.

Tip: Learn how to be discovered.

12. Know the Powerful Combination:

Try a blog post with an audio embed from google podcast and a video embed from YouTube on the same topic. You will have a higher chance of the blog post ranking on Google search results.

Matra: YouTube + Podcast + Text based SEO

13. Google My Business Page is the New Cool:

This new tool is going to dominate the whole SEO game. Websites might no longer be a useful option for people. Maintain a keyword-rich page, encourage great reviews, consistently update your page with images and videos and promote it extensively on your blogs and other channels.

14. Augmented Reality:

A lot of brands will focus on customized Instagram filters in 2020. This, however, is a luxury that not all brands can afford. But, 2020 is a year of AR dominance. Some potential features of AR in the social media future: AR live events, AR videos, Enhance the buying experience and a lot more.

15. Digital Detox:

It’s been a decade since the Digital platform has taken shape properly. While on the one hand, advancements are increasing, on the other hand, people are getting sick of social media. There are various reasons for it, and a major one being – improper use of multiple platforms. This is resulting in increased anxiety, stress, restlessness and depression for many. 2020 is going to see a lot of digital detox programs to protect the interests of users and various platforms.

16. Facebook Pages Will Die:

This year, Facebook Groups will see more advanced features. Businesses growing Facebook communities will have a better organic reach and interaction with their audience.

17. Social Media Stores:

2020 will see a shift in shopping trends. While shopping from e-commerce giants will remain constant for the majority of commodities, shopping for smaller and peculiar items will be from Facebook and Instagram marketplace. Hence, these platforms are likely to provide a lot of new features to promote this activity.

18. The Rise of Live

To grow your tribe, you have to come alive. This promotes interaction at a whole new level and gives an added advantage of connecting with your followers in a better way.

19. Influencers and SEO:

Brands collaborating with influencers for SEO will grow rapidly than those waiting for guest posts and acceptance for backlinks. Start creating a long-term SEO strategy with bloggers who have competent domain authority.

20. YouTube Community on the Go:

The more you interact with your people, the more you will know your performance. YouTube Community gives you this opportunity where you can directly interact with your subscribers. It’s time to get conversational. This feature is going to make a big difference to your channel.

These are the 20 forecasts for 2020. Let’s wait and watch for what else we have in the bag! It is all about experimenting and exploring. The more you work on your goal, the more likely it is that you can land under the top five. Keep trying and keep working hard!

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