Difference between a Growth Marketer and Digital Marketer:-

Growth Marketer:-

This involves various experimentation among various methods of product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.

(a) Steps involved in Growth Marketing:-

Experimentation- this process involves applying various methods and concluding their results.

Creative marketing -this process involves applying the most effective and efficient method.

Automation and Engineering -this process involves the follow up plan.

(b) Traits of a growth marketer:-

Focused- the process of growth marketing requires a lot of time and patience.

Responsible- the growth marketer needs to to be accountable for his various actions.

Resourceful-since the process of growth marketing is a prolonged process, so, the marketer is needed to be e resourceful.

Digital marketing:-

The process of promoting brands, companies, products or services via different online media, channels, tools and tactics.

(a) Steps involved in Digital Marketing:-

Social media marketing- this includes attracting customers through advertisements on various social media apps.

Content marketing- this involves writing blogs about the product or service.

Mobile marketing- this involves spreading SMS and MMS about the product or service.

(b) Traits of a digital marketer:-

Innovative and original-a digital marketer needs to be e innovative in order to to attract the buyers. Patient -a digital marketer should be patient enough to understand and analyse unfavourable results. Organised- a digital marketer should be organised in order to achieve desired results

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