Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Creator Studio.

Facebook app is an online advertising platform in this people create an account and they are connected with their friends and get in touch with their families. In this we can share memories,photos,videos and the most favourite interest is gaining followers and followings.

Facebook’s Creator Studio has been flying under the radar for a while now, and we think it deserves a lot more attention, especially from smaller companies that are looking for easier ways to create and analyze Facebook content.  You know we love video and that it’s incredibly important in 2019, so anything that makes Facebook video easier for smaller marketing teams (and for free) sounds good to us!

That’s how you get there – but let’s talk about what Creator Studio can do, and why you should really, really take advantage of it.

Creator Studio Home Layout

When you get to the Creator Studio home screen (it’s called Home in big letters, because Creator Studio navigation is super simple), you will be able to see all your recent posts from the last week. On the right hand side, you will get a snapshot of important statistics for your Page, including net followers, how many times videos have been watched, engagement scores, and more.

If you manage multiple business pages, you can switch between them easily here.

The Content Library

One of the first sections you’ll notice in the Studio is the Content Library. This allows you to explored all your scheduled and published posts, and examine how they are doing.

very poor performers, which can inform your Facebook marketing for the future.

However, you can use it to look for videos from other pages that you can legally crosspost to your site. We recommend making your own videos whenever possible, but this crosspost videos can help you find relevant video content that’s very simple to post when you’d like to introduce more videos but don’t have anything to publish at the moment.

It’s broken into two basic views at the the moment:

Performance: Performance breaks down your videos by multiple stats so you can see minutes viewed for each video, total views for each video, and how people are reacting to the video, among other information.

Loyalty: You can see things like what viewers are returning viewers who watched videos in the past, how long people are watching videos for, and more.


Inbox is all about managing your comments and messages. If you don’t already have a hub for managing social media communication, Inbox a great place to stay on top of all your Facebook conversations and make sure that messages are being sent in a timely manner. Keep in mind that you can also ban and remove people on your Pages.

Connect to Instagram

 This is incredibly useful, because it allows you to upload and publish a video to both platforms at the same time, getting results faster and saving you time. Again, it’s one of those features targeting smaller businesses that aren’t yet paying for a large marketing hub to work with.

Sound collection

It may not help if you’ve already done sound editing on a video, but it is useful for finding snippets of music you can use for intros and outros, and similar tasks. Browse around here a little so you can see what’s offered and know to return if you need a particular resource.

Rights Manager

Rights Manager helps you protect the content that you publish on Facebook. This is useful if you are publishing sensitive or valuable information, or if one of your videos becomes very popular and people start stealing your content.

Please keep in mind that the capabilities you have in Studio do depend on what Page Role you have been assigned, which is done so that random employees can’t log in and make sudden changes.

Finally, Facebook is likely to continue updating Creator Studio with new features, and we’ll be sure to keep you apprised of any important changes

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