How to generate engagement in Twitter?

Twitter is a social app in which a user tweets which acts as a post of debate on which people agree or disagree. People even can retweet on your tweet. Hence, this becomes a chain of tweets. Twitter also acts as a bridge of connecting different opinions from different parts of the world. Many celebrities, politicians, social workers, sports persons, professers, doctors and other professionals are on Twitter and all of them have many followers on Twitter. But the question is everyone cannot have a very influential account on Twitter. There are many ways to engage people in your account. You need to make your account popular and accessible by putting in more and more efforts.

Generally, people tweet about controversial topics so that their posts get viewed by more and more people and those people share their opinions about the particular tweet. So, the tweet automatically becomes popular among the users. So, try to tweet something about any current prevailing big situation near your area or in your city. Ask people to retweet on your tweet by giving their particular opinion about the the situation. In this way, you can get a lot of people engaged in your account and a lot of people with similar opinions or different opinions get to interact with each other. Do not tweet about offensive topics and do not tweet anything offensive about any big name for example, a celebrity. Try to to be in boundation when you are writing something in your account. Think about the consequences before to tweeting something. Your one tweet is going to reach a lot of people around the world. So think before you tweet.

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