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LinkedIn app is an online advertising platform where people create an account in this, it is mainly used for professional networking,including employers are posting their jobs and this is for a job seekers also in this you should have to post your Cvs. Founded on December 28,2002 and launched in May 5.2003.

This is an American business. Login to LinkedIn to keep in touch with people you know share ideas and build your career.

LinkedIn is a great place to be. I am pretty darn adamant about using LinkedIn for personal branding for posting and for getting exposure but also the advertising can great as well. There are 467m professional are on LinkedIn.

But you really need to know about how to use it there is definitely a benefit to advertising on LinkedIn. It is important to know that over 75% of the population on LinkedIn makes $ 50,000 a year or more. So LinkedIn has an excellent demographic. It has some amazing targeting abilities and I’m gonna jump more into that in a moment. So the first step for getting started with LinkedIn is to sign up for campaign manager,and campaign manager is goons give you this nice dashboard that’s gonna give you a look at clicks, and interactions with your ads it’s gonna show you the demographics that you are advertising to It is a standard kind of dashboard for online advertising. So,first step,get up with that. Step number two for getting going with LinkedIn is choosing an ad format that works for you. Ads format one is sponsored content and sponsored content is content whew you’re actually posted it,usually through a LinkedIn business page. And you’re going to be sponsoring that, meaning you’re going to be promoting it to show higher in the feed,right? So that would be looked at as a native ad and this can be a great way to promote a blog post, it could be a great way to promote some type of URL from your website where you’re trying to get more exposure. So sponsored content, one of the simplest ways to adverb LinkedIn.

Now there’s two more things you need to know about sponsored content for sponsored content, you can form, so that means somebody can click a button, and then they can pull their information from LinkedIn and that can be submitted directly to you, making a really seamless and easy process to capture somebody’s information. So that’s one thing that is really important. But in addition to that , LinkedIn also has the ability to do videos ads now through sponsored content .

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