Pinterest Ads

Pinterest app in which people can search and discover ideas, photos videos,content of anything. Each image on Pinterest is called pin.
Pinterest is an American social media web. This is available in 27 languages. launched in March 2010, founded in December 2009. The founder name’s are Ben Silbermann,Paul Sciarra, Evan sharp.
There are 1,600 numbers of employees, those who work in this app.

Pinterest ads appear as promoted pins that pins are sponsored by a company.

1.Brand awarenes

Today’s Pinterest ads are a very frequent and trusted mode of advertisement. They increase brand awareness. In this we get to recognised about brand and gets its customers. We should also introduce people to what you, have offer.

2.Video views

we should have to try to get as many high qualities videos ads and bid on the number of people who views your videos for two second or more.

3. Traffic

In this you are trying to optimise the number of clicks to your bid.

4. Explore

There are plenty of brands out there whose advertisement is put up on Pinterest, so the customers have to keep exploring and keep comparing them for the best.

5.App Installs

The focus is on driving visits to your app’s download page or to drive installs of your mobile app. You’ll pay per impressions (CPM). This objective is a little different, though, because your CPM bid will “dynamically adjust” in order to show your ad to people most likely to download it, getting you to a target cost per install.


Here, you’re optimizing for specific on-site actions like checkouts, sign ads, or add to carts on your site.Note that to use this objective, you must have already earned 50 conversions from one of your traffic or brand awareness campaigns in the past 7 days. This can be frustrating, but it’s a good option once you scale your campaigns.

7.Shopping catalogs

For the bidding, you can either set a maximum CPC or chose to use the CPM bid structure based on a target CPA.

There’s a slight caveat to this one tho; you must have already claimed your site’s domain to be able to use this objective, and you need to set up a data source to do this.

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