Top 7 Websites To Create Awesome Creatives For Social Media:-

Apparently, everyone has their own accounts on social media sites . Social media is mainly meant to post your pictures or videos in it . Sometimes , there are parts of your photo or your video which you want to modify or alter, so internet has made this choice quite easy by introducing some editing apps to ease your work . Here, there are some enlisted apps which can help you ease your task .

1. Canva:-

This app is mainly designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs. This app contains predesigned graphics which can be easily dragged and dropped. It has pre designed layouts and stock of images. Special effects can be used from the the tool or searched online as per the requirement.

2. Over:-

This is a photo editing app. Like any other photo editor this app also so has the same usage. This app contains effects different editing tools backgrounds extra.

3. PiktoChart:-

This app has a pretty different uses. This app is used to add infographics, reports, banners and presentations. This can be used only for official or project purposes. You can make your project very impressive by using this app. It has pre-designed templates for your pages.

4. Skitch:-

This is also a photo editing app but, it edits in a quite different manner. This app is used to mark up of photo or make notes on a webpage. This app is also used to point a location out on a map or and annotate a PDF.

5. QuotesCover:-

This app is used to design a visual representation of personal or famous quotes in a snap. You can add your own quote and choose a plain background with colour.

6. PicMonkey:-

This app is a simple photo editing app. This app is used to edit an image. It can also be used for making collage of your different pictures. You can directly post this these pictures on your social sites.

7. Pixlr:-

This app is pretty similar to Photoshop app. Even this has almost the same usage with that of the Photoshop. This is also used for editing photos and adding special features and effects to it.

However, it is regarding photos that they shouldn’t be edited very much. Photos should not be edited so much that they look unreal. People edit a lot because they fear their own true self. Appreciate the way you are made because everyone is unique in their own way.

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