Top Trending Ads Of 2019:-

More and more number of customers can be directed towards a product or service with the help of a single advertisement.

Following are the trending ads of 2019:-

1. #makelifeconvertible with Samsung Convertible 5 in 1 refrigerator:-

Samsung introduced a convertible refrigerater, like every other refrigerator it has 5 food and beverages chamber and the top most chamber acts as a freezer but the ice chamber can be converted into food and beverages chamber in case of space deficiency.

2. One plus seven series launch:-

One plus introduced its seventh model in its series of mobile phones. This seventh model became the highest seller and highest viewed on internet. It has multiple features like the best camera, highest storage and the best latest smapdragon processor.

3. Philips BT 3000 trimmer:-

Philips introduced a latest trimmer which is fast and smooth and lomg lasting. This product did a havoc in men’s grooming kit.

4. FreeCharge :-

This is a new app which can recharge any number or cable. All types of recharge can be done with a single app. This eased the recharge process.

5. Koovs:-

This is an online shopping website which offers large variety of clothing and accessories. However, during its early years of launch, it was not so popular among the people, but, in 2019, this app suddenly jumped in sales and has succeeded in satisfying its customers.

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