What Do We Do?

Every Graduating Student Out There Knows About The Struggle They Are About To Face To Get Employed. We At GYANJULA Are Here To Minimize That Struggle.

Showing a college marksheet or a resume is not useful since companies receive thousands of those every year
so it becomes difficult for a company to choose good resumes because  Manually going through thousands of resumes or conducting interviews requires a lot of time and effort. So how will candidates highlight themselves since companies cannot really differentiate using them.

This is exactly where GYANJULA will help you.
  • With our AI based assessments, scores can be quickly compared across multiple candidates allowing recruiters to quickly generate a shortlist of good candidates.
  • By performing well in the assessment, a good candidate can stand out amongst their peers.
  • Our report helps you identify your strong and weak areas so that you can work to improve in those areas or apply for specific  jobs where your strengths are better suited.