Scientific Institute Of Digital Marketing And Research

It has become more critical for businesses to grow than ever before.They are struggling to find digital marketers who have the right skills. Being a SEO expert or a Social Media Marketer or a Facebook Ads specialist or a Google Ads specialist is not enough.

That’s Because specialists are for big companies with huge marketing departments. We will make you a Social Media Scientist.

At The End Of Our Course You Will Be Able To:

  • Optimize the website for users and search engines
  • Run ad campaigns on search, Facebook or LinkedIn + display select networks
  • Run an Awareness-Engagement-Conversion matrix campaign or evergreen Facebook ads campaign to maximize their conversions and ROI
  • Write great social media posts that get more engagement, comments, and shares or use social media to reach out to their customers & audiences to understand their pains and problems
  • Set up email campaigns and also works on email deliverability, inbox placement, and get more opens & clicks
  • Become a Social Media Scientist

Who all can do our digital marketing course?

Students can get a job easily in digital marketing industry by doing a digital marketing course in Gyanjula. Any student above class 6th can join the course.

In this world of increasing competition when every second person has a start up,digital marketing course will help you shine out of the crowd

You can stand out among your colleagues by doing a course in digital mareting

What makes Gyanjula different?

Startups and small businesses need different kind of digital marketers. Digital marketers who know a wide range of digital marketing concepts. Keeping the latest trend of market in mind GYANJULA  has come up with something different. Our main focus is on research and practical knowledge and we will let you work on live projects hence, not only your theoretical knowledge will enhance but also your skills will be improved. Besides becoming a digital marketer you will become a Certified Digital Marketer.

“Hum Aapko Kaabil Banate Hai Taaki Kaamyaabi Jhak Maarke Aapke Peeche Aaye.”

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